Pimp up your instrument

In ableton, audio effect on May 18, 2010 at 21:45

There are some ways to improve the sound of an instrument in Ableton Live. Here is one of it. The enhancement of a boring bass sound. This is the original clip:

In order to add some effects change to the “Track view”. Add a “Multiband Compressor” and Press CMD+G for creating a audio effect rack. Show the chain list and duplicate the default chain with (ALT+drag). Rename the three chains to “high”, “mid”, and “low” for example. Activate one chain und set the corresponding Compressor channel to solo.

After that you have to adjust the split frequency. I prefer to start with the low frequency. It’s a bit easier when you solo the corrosponding chain. In my case I finally increased the “Input” level of the “High” chain. You have now splitted the sound into three frequencies for further processing.

Audio rack

Add some effects to the low chain. So go the live devices browser/audio effects: “Mono” “Utility” to make sure that your single will be mono. Add “Drums kick Compressor” and activate the sidechain with your kick or drum channel.  I think this sound better


Now add the “Filter delay” to the mid chain. View the screenshot for the parameters. Disable the “L+R” “Input”, set the “Pan” to “50 L” and “50 R”, “delay time” mode to “Time” and its value to “10 ms” and “1 ms” respectively. Here is a more spatial effect intended.
Copy this “Filter delay to the high Chain, too. Use ALT+drag again. Go back to the mid chain and add a “Reverb” “Living Room” for example.


Finally add a “Overdrive” to the high chain. And this is the result:

This blog post based on the video tutoral by Quantize Cours “Splitting Frequencies“.



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