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Massive: Don’t waste your time

In ni massive on February 11, 2012 at 18:37

Everytime you rebuild the database of Native Instruments Massive (or Absynth) you will lose your ratings and colors. I have so many different sounds, that it is useful to have something like a rating. So here is my workaround.

If necessary press the Browser button. Right click on the header of the left table in order to edit the displayed columns. Uncheck color and rating, because you won’t edit the attributes. Instead of that check Author and Comment. Fortunately Massive remembers these settings, when you open this plugin again.

In order to edit the attributes of a sound press the Attributes button and change the Author or Comment fields. Enter stars to rate the sound. It’s needless to say that changing the author is nothing more than a workaround. Apology to all great sound designers in the world.

If you go back to the browser section you will see the changes. Click on the Author in the header section and you get a sorting by rating.

By the way. If you type *** and minimal in the search field, you will find the edited sound.

That’s of course just a workaroud. Greetings! alexander