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I think, since Native Instruments released Maschine, there is a new generation of powerful controllers and Push is one of them.

And I’m happy that Ableton Live 9 will have some new features like recording automation in session view mode. See the ‘New in Ableton Live 9’ video by AbletonInc for more information.

EDM arena


Exciting news for Electronic Music Producers today!  Ableton Live 9 just dropped with a ton of new features.  In addition to this Ableton has also announced PUSH.  PUSH is a new instrument that solves an old problem: how to make a song from scratch. With hands-on control of melody and harmony, beats, sounds, and song structure, Push puts the fundamental elements of music making at your fingertips – and it fits in a backpack alongside your laptop.

See it in Action here:


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I’m not usually a fan of buying too much hardware, but I the MiniNova demo video is really impressive. It is a new compact performance hardware synth with the same sound engine as its big brother UltraNova. MiniNova also has an onboard VocalTune effect as well as a classic vocoder so you can recreate iconic vocal sounds from Hip Hop, Urban and electronic music. Perhaps more than a nice toy.


Looks like a good week for hardware, in my last post we talked about the new MASCHINE generation from the guys at Native Instruments, and now its turn for Novation to show us their new small synth called MiniNova.

This synth its small in size, but offers a huge range of features like a Vocoder (microKorg style) but it also includes a pitch correction feature called VocalTune™. It has 256 presets ready to play and edit in real time and a 128 preset bank to save your own sounds, it also includes a free software patch editor and library to tweak your patches easily and download preset packs and share with other users.

But for me the feature that sets this apart from others is the 8 animate buttons that lets you tweak and warp sounds in realtime, and features a filter knob and 4 editing knobs to tweak…

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Make more of your RemoteSL and live

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Maybe you’re happy that your Novation RemoteSL has three Input- and Output-Ports. But do you have any benefit from it?

I’m used to have three pages loaded. So I can switch between this pages with the help of the “data/select” knop. The default setting is “USB Port 1”. But I think it makes more sense to use different USB Ports for different pages.

To achieve this, I opened the “RemoteSL Editor” and changed the port. Don’t forget to transfer (Editor: Device/Upload template) und save the changed pages (RemoteSL: press “write” two times).

RemoteSL Editor

After that I’ve opened the ableton live preferences and enabled “Remote” just for the USB 1 port.

Ableton live preferences

This will be helpful in future – you will see.