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I am frequently asked for free Ableton Live tutorials. The good news is that are many tutorials online. The bad news is, there are only a few videos well suited for beginners. So let’s start an overview. What does the internet offer to beginners and medium advanced Ableton users?

Not surprisingly, does Ableton itself host some tutorials for absolute beginners on their website. I think this is a good starting point.

The biggest site is Dubspot (New York, USA). They offer video tutorials about djing and digital music making for beginners and advanced users. They make interviews and workshops with prominent musicians. Dubspot keep commercial courses, too. Therefore be not surprised, if they promotion their courses within a free tutorial again and again.

It has become a little bit quiet around another large side called WinkSound (New York, USA). They provide video tutorials about djing and music making for beginners and advanced users.

But less known sites are not necessarily bad. For example Anthony Arroyo’s website The Ableton Cookbook (Austin, USA) offers video tutorials about music making for advanced users. There are live courses available. I personaly like his videos, because they are very detailed and comprehensible.

Synthtopia is a very hugh community, which is engaged in all aspects of digital music making. Synthtopia offers video tutorials about music making for medium advanced users. The content is posted by users of the Synthtopia community.

The maker of Abletontutorials is posting many free tutorials. Unfortunately, it’s a tumblr page so the page is unstructured without any search option.

Or don’t forget Nicks Tutorials. Hi has video tutorials about music making for advanced users on his page. You can buy some rescoures and more video tutorials. Ableton8tutorials and Lynch Audio are small sites, which have many free video tutorials and some free resources.

I am afraid there is no maintenance for the site Timofey, but there are very useful tutorials and download, because the author demonstrates how to recreate popular electronic songs.

Last, but no least, Heatercore listed 365 Ableton Live Tips.

The last thing I have to say is that, there are not enough tutorials for absulte beginners. You you agree?

Till next time. alexander

P.S. Look at the comments in order to get new tips especially for beginners!

  1. Just a small update – here is a Ableton intro for beginners by Iinnerstatejt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzB2xKxB2o0&feature=youtube_gdata

  2. Good news. Sadowick Production Tutorials released a free Ableton Live Beginner Seminar on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa9ASr8n5idC-G64lwD_Md4d42YsSRddh&feature=plcp

  3. And here is another nice youtube series about ableton lIve mixing and mastering devices by by deeflash. I guess very useful for beginners: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYag5TdGzlpCLg0AgfICu7RncfbeCESrg

  4. Musicsoftwaretraining.com wrote a nice blog post not only for beginners: ’10 newbie mistakes when writing in Ableton’ http://www.musicsoftwaretraining.com/blog/2009/12/03/10-newbie-mistakes-when-writing-in-ableton/

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