Your first music video #3

In resolume, software, vjing on September 21, 2012 at 20:59

In my little series I sketched, which applications I will use to create a video clip for one of my song, that I can upload to Youtube or Vimeo. The second post tried to use the Syphon Recorder for that purpose.

Today, I will check out the internal recording function of Resolume Avenue. This feature was released with Avenue 4.

You can find the recording button at the right hand side of the application. Just press the button to start and stop recording – sounds simple. Avenue creates a Quicktime movie file and Wav audio file in the Resolumne Avenue 4 Recordings directory. You can adjust the location of this folder with the help of the Preferences dialog. If you like to set the dimension of the movie, you have to open the Composition/Settings menu.

In the beginning the recording don’t work on my machine. Sometimes google is your best friend. I found out, that the speed of your hard disk (SSD is better) and internal RAM limits the dimension of your movie you like to render to disk. Unfortunately, Avenue 4.1.1 don’t shows a hint, that there is a problem. Just the button shows after starting the recording the label “Working..”. I found the missing hint in Avenue’s log file (Resolume Avenue 4 log.txt: “Unable to allocate enough memory, recording will be finalized!”).

I read some discussion about the subject in the Resolume forum. There are so many threads in the forum about that, so I’m not sure, this is the best approach. At least for today, I won’t change my plan to use the internal function. I solve the problem by setting a smaller movie dimension. If I close all other applications, I can record a video with the size 1280 x 720 and that’s for sure okay for upload, but 1280 x 720 pixel should be enough for that purpose.

Unfortunately, the frame rate of the recorded movie is 24.7, although Avenue shows the visual with a higher frequency. I’m afraid that a value under 25 fps is not what I’m looking for. Maybe my machine is to slow for the dimension I have chosen. Anyway.

Logically, the movie is too long, because of starting the recording before beginning the performance and stopping it after the performance has ended. In addition to this, there are two files and the movie itself is silent. So I have to find a way to handle this, without buying Final Cut.

That’s all for today. Next time more!


Update: Today a got feedback from the Resolume Support regarding my questions about its internal recording function.

You’re comparing two similar features with different purposes. The Resolume recorder is a live sampling tool, which is meant to record a short sequence of your main output and then bring it back in the mix. This way you don’t have to keep moving a fader to have a certain look. It’s *not* a full fledged video production tool.

And about the missing message:

This is a bug, and we’d appreciate it if you could contact us directly.

So that means, to achieve my target, I should use the Syphon Recorder.


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