Warping Multiple Tracks in Ableton

In ableton, daw on June 24, 2012 at 15:10

Sometimes I’m working on multi track projects with little timing issues. Of course Ableton Live offers warp marker editing in order to fix such problems. But today I was wondering, what can I do, when every track should be affected? I think, it is simple in case you know how. And that is my approach.

Two tracks with timing problem.

Here is a simple example. I have two tracks – a drum and a bass loop. Unfortunately there is a timing problem at beat 2.2. I think, the instruments are too late, so I like to move both instruments a bit forward.

Make sure, that all tracks have the same length. In case you have not done it yet, drop the tracks from the file browser into different channels of the arragement view or copy the tracks from the session view and past them into the arragenment view channels.

You must decide on which track you will working. The track becomes something like a master track. In my case, I will use the drum loop – looks much more simpler to me. Select the master track while clicking on the title bar of the track.

Click on the title bar of the master track.

After that press CMD + A in order to select all tracks.

After selecting you are in the multi track mode.

So, both tracks are selected (orange in my case). Don’t be irritated that working on the warp markers let the color disapear. You are still working on all tracks. Nevertheless, the clip view has still the typical cross stripes and the clip name is just a star.

Editing the warp marker effects all tracks.

Now you can edit on the warp markers and you will notice, that the other clip will change to. In that case I added three marks and move the inner one.

I hope, you can hear the difference. A simple approach, but it works fine me.

Best regards! alexander

  1. Nice tutorial! Thanks for going through the trouble of making the screenshots as well!

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