Keystrokes via MIDI

In midi on May 29, 2010 at 12:28

Today it is time for a small but helpful tool called “MIDI Stroke”. This program converts MIDI notes, program and controler messages into a sequence of keystrokes.

Here are two example from Charlie Robert’s website – the author of this tool.

MIDI stroke simple

“In the above screenshot, when note 45 on channel one is received, the delete key will be sent to whatever application is currently in focus.”

MIDI stroke complex

“In this shot we see that note 46 on channel one triggers a longer sequence. First, whatever his currently highlighted in the focused application is copied. Then the right arrow is pressed, and the content is pasted. This happens two more times. In Live, as an example, this would have the effect of copying the currently selected clip and pasting it into two adjacent tracks.”

Although you can already map in Ableton MIDI events to a keystrokes, you have no chance to map a ordered sequence of strokes to a MIDI event. So this tool deserves closer attention.



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