Improvise with white noise

In ableton on May 13, 2010 at 14:14

White noise can be used to create stylish swoosh, sweep or riser sounds. What do I have to do in ableton live, I asked myself. Here is my result.

Create a MIDI track and add the “operator” live device to this new track. Select “Noise white (NoW)” as “Wave”. Activate Operator’s “Filter”, select “Band 24db” and switch to the MIDI map mode and map the “Filter” “Frequency” to a MIDI controller of your choice.


After that add a reverb like “Vocal hall” and a compressor to the instrument.


Enable the side chain mode of the compressor by clicking on the arrow on its title bar. Choose the audio channel of your drum track for “Audio From” and the “Post FX” option.


Finnally you can create a clip with one note to play the white noise constantly in the background. And try experimenting with the compressor’s parameters “Threshold” and “Output”.

The following audio examples uses all three mentioned parameters.

By the way, using the crossfader could be a nice idea, too. Thanks to musictechtutorials for their video tutorial about noise.


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