Make more of your RemoteSL and live

In ableton, remoteSL on May 11, 2010 at 21:39

Maybe you’re happy that your Novation RemoteSL has three Input- and Output-Ports. But do you have any benefit from it?

I’m used to have three pages loaded. So I can switch between this pages with the help of the “data/select” knop. The default setting is “USB Port 1”. But I think it makes more sense to use different USB Ports for different pages.

To achieve this, I opened the “RemoteSL Editor” and changed the port. Don’t forget to transfer (Editor: Device/Upload template) und save the changed pages (RemoteSL: press “write” two times).

RemoteSL Editor

After that I’ve opened the ableton live preferences and enabled “Remote” just for the USB 1 port.

Ableton live preferences

This will be helpful in future – you will see.


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